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Oxford store lambs sell well

Oxford store lambs have been making a good trade through the ring at auction marts this autumn. In early September at Craig Wilson Ltd's second store lamb sale of the season at Ayr market, a pen of Oxford lambs from Mrs Pat Bell of Knowes House, Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire made £98, the second top price of the sale, which had an entry of 1485 lambs. In mid September at Leek mart's second sale of store lambs in Staffordshire, Oxford cross lambs sold to £83.50 twice, first from from R M Phillips & Sons of Ladmanlow and then from R Salt of Waterhouses. This sale had Oxford cross lambs off the Peak District from six different consignors. At the next store sale at Leek in early October pens of Oxford cross lambs again from R M Phillips & Sons sold to £88.50 and £84.

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