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Breeders' Adverts

Index of Advertisers - A full list of breeders is available from the Secretary

GREENLANDS - Flock No 1232 Est 2010

We have a quality flock of 60 Oxford Down ewes based on foundation stock purchased from Barley Park, Delmur and Langrigg.


Stud rams from Langrigg, Monkstone, Fleetham, Barley Park and Netherby have been used as well as home-bred Greenlands rams.

Please contact:

J R Williams, Aneddle, Capel Seion, Aberystwyth,

Ceredigion, SY23 4ED

Tel (07979) 856281 Fax (01970) 615166



Greenlands shearling ram 700gns champ Wo

Greenlands shearling ram champion at the Worcester Show & Sale 2019. 

Sold to J W S Brown, Monkstone for the top price of 700gns.
(Photo copyright of J R Williams)


HIGHTRIP - Flock No 1185 Est 2006

Foundation stock from Barley Park, Blackden and Applewick flocks.

We run a small, quality flock of Oxfords alongside our commercial sheep. 


We have great results crossing our Oxford rams onto Cheviot, Beulah and Jacob ewes, producing large, tasty lambs with good conformation.

Our aim is always to produce healthy, hardy Oxfords reared outdoors and primarily on grass. 


We only keep the best for breeding and sale.

Stock usually available for sale.  Enquiries are always welcome.


G R & J R Furse, Penarth, Higher Downgate, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 8HL
Tel (01579) 370326 e-mail

High trip flock females

Hightrip Oxford Down Females

(Photo copyright G R & J R Furse)


THISTLEDOWN -  Flock No 1097 Est 1993

                          MV Accredited

Quality breeding stock available from our

prizewinning flock of Oxford Downs

Visitors welcome.


R G T & S A Banks, Holly Croft Farm, Bow Street, Great Ellingham, Norfolk, NR17 1JB 

Tel (01953) 455178 e-mail

Thistledown rosettes

Thistledown prizes

(Photo copyright of R G T & & Banks)


YEW TREE - Flock No 1251 Est 2012

The Yew Tree flock is a growing flock of carefully selected and home bred quality sheep. Bred from award winning bloodlines with the emphasis on maintaining true Oxford breed characteristics, a breed excellent for both meat and wool.


Alongside stock, raw fleeces and wool are sometimes available.


Mrs M L French, Yew Tree Barn, Abingdon Road, Standlake, Oxon, OX29 7QH

e-mail: Tel (0777) 475 3166

Ewe and Lamb from the Yew Tree flock

Ram, Ewe and lamb in the Yew Tree flock
(Photo copyright of M L French)

Yew tree

MONKSTONE - Flock No 985 Est 1987

MV Accredited & Signet Recorded

Monkstone ewe lambs

Monkstone ewe lambs
(Photo copyright of J W S Brown)

Males and limited numbers of females for sale.

Enquiries and visitors welcome

J W & M F S Brown, The New Bungalow, The Rise, Redberth,

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, SA70 8RY

Tel (01646) 651482 e-mail


Lydiard - Flock No. 1288 Est 2014

MV accredited & Signet recorded

Flock consists of 40 breeding females 


Females and rams usually available 

Also Lamb & mutton boxes, yarn and raw fleeces.

All enquiries welcome

Mrs Lindsay Rumming

The Turkey Shed, Hook Street, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 3NY


Tel 07712 802313

Lydiard rams.jpg

Rams used in the Lydiard Flock

(Photo copyright Mrs L Rumming)


HORSLEY - Flock No 660 Est 1945

                MV Accredited

The flock was founded in 1898 by Samuel Richardson,

Bob's grandfather. 

No females brought in since 1959.


Enquiries welcome. 


Bob & Jean Richardson, Lamploughs Farm, West Street, Leven, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 5LR


Tel (01964) 542234

Horsley shearling rams

Horsley shearling rams on the farm
(Photo copyright R J & J Richardson)

WEETON - Flock No 1225 Est 2010
MV Accredited & Signet Recorded

Flock consists of 20 ewes

(Some to lambing to Finnish bloodlines)



Weeton Targaryen, Breed Champion, Driffield 2017

Weeton Wanderer, Breed Champion, Worcester 2016

Weeton Ewe Lamb, Female Champion, Melton Mowbray 2015

Weeton Ewe Lamb, Breed Champion, Melton Mowbray 2014




Enquiries always welcome

Mrs R J Steele

Redhouse Farm, Weeton, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU12 0TA

Tel 07794 313 491


Facebook  Weeton Oxfords

Weeton Targaryen champion Driffield 2017

Weeton Targaryen

Champion Driffield 2017

(Photo copyright Mrs R J Steele)

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