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  • Members of the ODSBA can place an advert by e-mailing registrations@oxforddownsheep.org.uk or phoning (01698) 824839 (evenings).

  • All stock must be earmarked as per ODSBA rules and must be registered or eligible for registration.

  • Breeders must only offer quality breeding stock that is correct and has good breed type.

  • Adverts will be removed by default after 3 months.  Breeders should notify us if stock is sold before then.



  • Potential pedigree buyers must ensure that the stock are individually ear marked.

  • Pedigree certificates should be available from the seller for registered stock.

  • For eligible stock, the buyer must ensure that the breeder has full pedigree details available.

  • It is the responsibility of buyers to ensure that stock is sound and of a quality suitable for breeding.



  • The ODSBA accepts no responsibility for private sales transactions or liability for the soundness or quality of stock purchased thereby.  Adverts are placed in good faith and buyers should ensure that the stock is fit for purpose prior to purchase.  Any dispute that may arise will remain solely between the seller and buyer.              

Name: R H & E P Broadhead  (Hillstone Flock No 1359)


Stock for sale: 2 ram lambs


Location: Montgomery, Powys

Health status: MV accredited


Tel:(01686) 630592


Reg status: Eligible for Registration


Ram lamb 1 - born 29/01/2021

Sired by Bro Alaw Jack (19050) out of an Applewick ewe

Ram lamb 2 - born 25/12/2020

Sired by Bro Alaw Jack (19050) out of a Monkstone ewe


Ad placed:


Hillstone ram lamb 1 05-08-21.JPG
Hillstone ram lamb 2 05-08-21.JPG

Ram lamb 1

Ram lamb 2

Name: N W & J S Bridgen & Daughters (Rowan Flock No 1301)


Stock for sale: 8 flock ewes, 1 shearling ewe, 1 stock ram, 1 two-shear ram, 1 shearling ram, Choice of ram lambs


Location: Devizes, Wiltshire


Health status: Non-accredited


E-mail: chestnutsfarm@gmail.com


Reg status:

Females – registered

Stock ram – registered

Two-shear ram – registered

Shearling ram – eligible for registration

Ram lambs – eligible for registration


Flock reduction - Rowan Flock No 1301


Due to land issues, we can retain only a handful of ewe lambs over the coming year.


We therefore have for sale a splendid starter flock of 9 ewes (2x 2015, 1x2016, 2x 2017, 1x 2018, 2x 2019, 1x 2020 ) and our stock ram, Newhouse Enzo Ferrari (18933). Enzo covered the ewes last year, for the first time, and left some good lambs.


All are on the Heptavac system.  We are in conversion to organic so they have been regularly FEC and wormed under veterinary advice only.


Also for sale: Rowan Denzel (18991), a two-shear ram unsold last year due to lockdown.

Also one shearling ram and a selection of ram lambs.


Please contact us by email if you are interested.

Ad placed:


Rowan flock 05-08-21.jpg