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Performance Recorded Oxfords
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Performance recorded Oxford Down lambs

Performance recorded Oxford Down rams are available from registered flocks which participate in the Signet  Sheepbreeder recording scheme.  This scheme combines an analysis of pedigree and performance records to generate a range of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Breeding Indexes to help breeders identify genetically superior rams and ewes.


The main traits included are:


  • Eight-week weight

  • Mature size

  • Litter size

  • Maternal ability

  • Scan weight

  • Muscle depth

  • Fat depth


The EBVs are combined in an Index to enable breeders to select animals with faster growth rates and to increase lean meat yield in the carcase whilst limiting any associated rise in fatness.


By using a performance recorded Oxford Down ram, the commercial sheep producer will benefit from the within flock selection which has taken place for these commercial traits, which will ultimately improve the performance of prime lambs in commercial flocks in terms of growth rate and carcase characteristics.


Performance recorded Oxford Down flocks are also supplying rams for use in RamCompare, the large scale, national on-farm progeny testing project which is collecting data on the crossbred progeny of rams used in commercial flocks from birth to slaughter.  The breed is already producing encouraging results from these trials.


For contact details of the current Signet Recorded Oxford Down Flocks please click here:


Further information about the Signet performance recording scheme can be found at or contact

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