On establishing a registered flock and applying to join the Association, prospective members must complete an Application Form with details of the stock purchased. At the same time, the Annual Subscription, an Entrance Fee and a Prefix Registration Fee are payable Prospective members are strongly advised to ensure that their foundation females have been or, in the case of lambs, will be registered with the Association and are correctly ear marked.



Every October the Association sends the necessary forms for the registration of the year's crop of ewe lambs, the registration of any new stock rams added during the year, and the transfer of any registered ewes purchased during the year. An Annual Return Form is also sent at this time, which covers the subscription and registration fees, and a census of stock numbers. For inclusion in the year's Flock Book, returns must be received by the Flock Book Editor by 30th November. Ewe registrations received after this date are subject to higher fees. Returns and registrations are accepted until 7th January, after which they are deferred to the following year's Flock Book.



Only the progeny of fully registered parents may be registered as pedigree. Ewe lambs which are being retained or sold for pedigree breeding must be registered by the breeder (the owner of the dam at the date of birth) in November. To encourage the registration of ewe lambs in the year of birth, a higher registration fee is payable on shearlings and older ewes not previously registered. Rams are registered by the owner using a signed Ram Registration Form from the breeder.

When registering a ewe lamb, the Association allocates a six-digit Registered Number and issues a Pedigree Certificate. Ewes are not given registered names in the Flock Book and names should not be used in show and sale entry descriptions. Rams, however, are named, the name preceded by the Registered Prefix of the breeder (i.e. the owner of the dam at the date of birth). On registration, the Association gives the ram a five-digit Registered Number that is shown in brackets after the name e.g. Saxon Valiant (18081) and issues a Pedigree Certificate.



Entrance Fee ...................................... £5.00
Registration of Prefix .......................... £5.00
Annual Subscription ..........................
. £30.00
Registration of Rams ..........................£15.00 each
Registration of Ewe Lambs ................ £4.00 each (£6.00 after 30th Nov)
Registration of Shearling Ewes (not already registered) ............ £6.00 each (£8.00 after 30th Nov)
Registration of Flock Ewes (not already registered) .................. £8.00 each
Transfer of Ewes & Ewe Lambs .......... £2.00 each (£1.00 to new members)


Oxford Down sheep displaying the following characteristics shall be ineligible for registration:
- Sheep with horns fully attached and with a living core
- Sheep with a coloured fleece or significant amounts of coloured wool in the fleece (black wool due to strike or fighting excepted)
- Sheep with entropian (in-turned eyelids)
- Rams which are rigs

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