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Commercial role
Lleyn ewe with Oxford Sired lambs
Texel cross ewe with Oxford sired lambs
Lleyn ewe with Oxford sired lambs
Texel x ewe with Oxford sired lambs

As a terminal sire the Oxford produces high quality, fast-growing lambs that are hardy and vigorous at birth, out of any commercial ewe breed or cross.

Oxford cross lambs are capable of achieving outstanding weight for age and typically produce 18-22kg carcases at 12-16 weeks. Alternatively, Oxford cross lambs will go to big weights without excess fat, achieving 22-25kg carcases at 9 months. Whatever weight is required, the large lean Oxford cross lamb will finish easily off grass or cheap fodder, without the need for expensive feed.


The Oxford ram will produce:

- quality lambs that will reach marketable weight and condition rapidly off grass alone
- fast-maturing lambs for the early trade
- quality prime hoggs in the spring
- dark-faced short keep store lambs in the autumn
- lambs with more size, frame and weight out of hill ewes and other small ewe breeds


In summary use an Oxford ram on your commercial ewes if you want:

- lambs with outstanding liveweight gain potential
- lambs that will mature up to 3 weeks earlier than lambs by other popular terminal sires
- lambs that are vigorous, active and hardy at birth
- lambs that are easily finished off grass
- lambs that remain lean at heavier weights
- lambs that will hold condition during adverse weather




Oxford cross lambs: Quality & Versatility

High growth rates for High returns
Unrivalled weight for age of the Oxford cross will ensure that the lambs are ready when the market peaks. The Oxford cross lamb's capacity for early maturity means that lambs sired by the Oxford can be ready for marketing up to 3 weeks earlier than lambs by other breeds of ram. Oxford crosses will typically produce 18-22kg carcases at 12-16 weeks.

Extra weight for Extra wealth
The Oxford cross lamb has the capacity to go to big weights without excess fat. Typically 22-25kg carcases at 9 months. It also makes a heavy, lean hogg which sells well in the spring.


Flexible finishing for Flexible marketing
The Oxford's ability to finish over a wide range of weights and ages allows flexible marketing and maximum profits.

Hardy lambs for Hill farms
The hardy Oxford cross lamb with its good wool cover at birth and high birthweight will minimise losses on outdoor lambing upland farms. Crossed with hill ewes the Oxford will put size and weight onto the lambs. Oxfords have been used successfully on Blackfaces, Cheviots, Welsh Mountains, Swaledales, Dalesbreds, Shetlands and Whitefaced Woodlands.


Premium markets for Premium prices

Freezer trade and quality lamb market. The pure Oxford or Oxford cross lamb is particularly suited to the home freezer market because the large, lean carcases allow larger joints with more meat to be prepared. Oxford lamb is also found to have excellent flavour and eating qualities, making it ideal for premium quality markets.


The Oxford cross ewe
Although not often seen, Oxford cross ewe lambs retained out of various ewe breeds and crosses make excellent breeding ewes. Successful crosses for this purpose include Oxford x Mule, Oxford x Masham, Oxford x Texel, Oxford x Beltex and Oxford x Charollais. They have a wide pelvic area for easy lambing, are hardy, and have good, hard feet. The Oxford blood also transmits frame and growth rate to the progeny.

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