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What farmers say

We were really pleased with the results of our recent sale of lambs out of Oxford cross Texel ewes.  They averaged 56 kg live weight, selling for £136 per head at Ruthin market, North Wales.

L & T Rowlands, Rhostrewfa, Anglesey

"I haven’t given my Oxfords any creep or feed at all this year - just grass fed and they are at fat weight first out of all the other breeds - Suffolks, Texels and cross mules"

M. Paterson, Ellon, Aberdeenshire

"Every year we sell tups to several commercial lamb producers with Texel x ewes and they are very pleased with the tremendous weights and conformation grades of the lambs"

J R Williams, Greenland Flock, Capel Seion, Ceredigion


'We use the Oxford down ram on our Texel cross ewes and find that they produce a really nice commercial lamb. We particularly like the fact that the lambs are lively when they are born with a good covering of wool and are quickly up and sucking. The lambs are born quite small which makes for easy lambing but then grow quickly. They finish well off grass.'

V Jones, Billesdons Flock, Leicestershire

"We have had good results using the Texel tups on Oxford ewes, producing big, strong lambs up to 44kg at 14-15 weeks old with no hard feed"

Lisa McWilliam, Connage Farm, Banffshire, Scotland

"I sponged my Welsh Mule ewes in August and used Oxford Down and Beltex rams to serve them.  When it came to lambing, I was very surprised by how quickly the Oxford cross lambs got up and suckled the ewes.  After I finished lambing, 85% of the lambs had been sired by the Oxford Down rams.  I found the Beltex rams very lazy but even after they had finished serving all the ewes the Oxford Down rams were full of energy.  I sold all my stock on as couples at my local Gaerwen mart and the Oxford cross lambs attracted a lot of interest."

P Jones, Llwyn Yr Arth, Llanbabo, Rhosgoch, Anglesey

“We use Oxford tups on Texel x Mule ewes and find that the lambs are lively, with plenty of get up and go.  They are good converters of grass into meat and are suitable for the store or prime market.”
R & M Phillips & Sons, Bridge House Farm, Buxton, Derbyshire



“I am very pleased with the performance of Oxford rams crossed with my Texel x ewes.  The ewes lambed outdoors in April, during cold, wet weather.  The Oxford lambs had good wool cover at birth and were very lively and up sucking quickly. They grew rapidly and I started to market them in late August.  My Oxford crosses sold deadweight in late September averaged 21.3kg and R3H.”
G Sedgewick, Binchester Hall, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham



“I like Oxford rams because I’ve found they are stronger than some of the other breeds I’ve had over the years and they cope very well with the Exmoor winters.  I have put the Oxford to some of my Exmoor Horns and some lightweight Texel ewes which have produced strong, solid lambs.”
I Nicholls, White House, Exford, Minehead, Somerset



“Oxford rams produce strong store lambs from our Cheviot cross and Welsh Mountain cross ewes. They are sold at Leek market and have ready buyers.”
J Wain, Upper Hulme, Leek, Staffordshire



“My Easycare ewes have an easy lambing when tupped by an Oxford ram and the lambs gain weight quickly.”
A Rees, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire



“We put the Oxford ram to Texel x Mule females.  They make good prime lambs, with plenty of growth and vigour, especially at birth.”
P & O Donald, Little Millbrex, Fyvie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire



“I use Oxford rams on 200 Mule and Suffolk x Mule ewes which lamb outside in March. The Oxford cross lambs are not difficult to lamb and they have good birth coats which help them to stay alive. Because of its fast growth rate, the Oxford cross produces a big prime lamb early. We sell through St Merryn Meats or at Raglan market where our Oxford crosses are usually among the top price per head. We find that weight pays. The Oxford is very underrated as a terminal sire.”
John Griffiths, Park House, Rhiwderin, Newport, South Wales

"We have used Oxford Down rams on our Lleyns , cross breds and Welsh mountain ewes for the last thirty six years. We have found the rams to be good stock getters with all types of ewes, and the lambs when born are very lively and up on their feet to suckle quickly. Our lambs are now either sold as prime or store through our local market, but have been sold through the dead weight system in the past and have always produced a good return over the years." 

Jones Partners, Anglesey

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