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June news

1. All members should have received a copy of the 2021 Flockbook - brilliantly put together as usual by Alan Hambley. How fantastic to see so many new members in it. We also sent out a complimentary trailer sticker which we hope you like, and will display with pride! More can be bought for £3 each plus post and packing - please contact

2. Great news to report regarding the dispersal of the Gorse flock - Whittington Oxford Downs have bought the flock and have posted these words on their Facebook page:

"We are very excited and honoured to have been able to purchase 26 ewes/ewe lambs and the stock ram Greenlands Roland from John Brigg's (831) Gorse Flock.

We think John's stock are fantastic and we will be keeping them registered as a separate, (to our current flock on paper) closed flock as they have been for the last 50 years (although they will have a new flock number and name in due course).

We are very excited to build on John's years of hard work and dedication. As well as striving to improve the Oxford Down as a breed, we are going to be building our direct sales of breeding stock, wool and meat products over the next few years and also do our best to promote the Oxford Down as a terminal sire, by hopefully crossing our tups with some Lleyns next year and sharing the results."

3. Martin Johnson of The Longfriday flock has reported in very pleasing results from 42 head of Spring lambs at Melton Mart. Please continue to send in any reports you have so that we can publicise the results.


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