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Oxford Down sired lambs can compete against other breeds very favourably as proven recently across the UK:

  • James Porter (Sundown flock) sold his first draw of Oxford and Oxford cross lambs at Norwich market averaging 43kg and £140 for the pen.

  • Andrew Rutherford (Langrigg flock) sold his first draw of pure Oxford lambs at Longtown mart to £144 for 8 lambs, averaging approximately 50kg. His second draw of pure Oxford lambs sold at £149, and the third draw were close to the top of the trade at £167, beating all Suffolk consignments and all but two of the Texel pens.

  • Ruth Steele (Weeton flock) sold three pure Oxford and Oxford cross ram lambs at Selby market averaging 46kg and making £134 per head.

  • Lisa and Scott (Connage flock) sold at Huntley Mart in Aberdeenshire: "We put some of our January 1st lambs to Huntly live auction sale on Wednesday & our prices were £146 for 56kg lambs & they were 18 weeks old".

  • Martin Johnson (Longfriday flock) sold at Melton Mowbray: Top price achieved for cull ewes was £160. Top price achieved for pure bred lambs was £146

  • John Griffiths (Montrose flock) sold at Monmouth and Oxfords achieved the highest price "Oxford Down lambs topped Monmouthire Market on May 19th. 60Kg £162.80"


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