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28 Oxfords entered for Melton Mowbray

An entry of 28 Oxfords has been received for the breed's annual sale at Melton Mowbray on Saturday 9th September comprising 20 females and 8 rams.

Both MV accredited and Signet recorded stock are included in the sale.

MV accredited (Lots 79-94) 3 ewes from Weeton 8 ewe lambs from Weeton and Longfriday 4 shearling rams from Weeton and Longfriday 1 ram lamb from Longfriday

Non accredited (Lots 186-197) 9 shearling ewes from Caston, Billesdons, Kateland and Mudchute 3 shearling rams from Kateland and Caston

Melton Mowbray catalogue 09-09-23
Download PDF • 2.70MB


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