Updated: May 29

Oxford Down sired lambs can compete against other breeds very favourably as proven recently across the UK:

  • James Porter (Sundown flock) sold his first draw of Oxford and Oxford cross lambs at Norwich market averaging 43kg and £140 for the pen.

  • Andrew Rutherford (Langrigg flock) sold his first draw of pure Oxford lambs at Longtown mart to £144 for 8 lambs, averaging approximately 50kg. His second draw of pure Oxford lambs sold at £149, and the third draw were close to the top of the trade at £167, beating all Suffolk consignments and all but two of the Texel pens.

  • Ruth Steele (Weeton flock) sold three pure Oxford and Oxford cross ram lambs at Selby market averaging 46kg and making £134 per head.

  • Lisa and Scott (Connage flock) sold at Huntley Mart in Aberdeenshire: "We put some of our January 1st lambs to Huntly live auction sale on Wednesday & our prices were £146 for 56kg lambs & they were 18 weeks old".

  • Martin Johnson (Longfriday flock) sold at Melton Mowbray: Top price achieved for cull ewes was £160. Top price achieved for pure bred lambs was £146

  • John Griffiths (Montrose flock) sold at Monmouth and Oxfords achieved the highest price "Oxford Down lambs topped Monmouthire Market on May 19th. 60Kg £162.80"

Members from near and far have rallied to ensure there are enough entries for our own classes to be held at the Great Yorkshire Show Thursday 15th July


Driffield show is the next on the calendar with Oxford Down classes .

Entry forms and schedules now available: https://www.driffieldshowground.co.uk/driffieldshow...

(ENTRIES CLOSE: 21st JUNE, 2021)

Updated: May 13

Our young people often make brilliant gate openers and bottle feeders… but we must not underestimate the contribution they make to the Association and the Oxford breed. With daily life and time consumed by tending to animals and chores, we often overlook our ‘Young Oxfords’ - not any longer!

Thanks to Bob Richardson, who has invested a lot of time thinking about our “Young Oxfords’ Club”, we will be introducing an exciting new award. The ’Horsley Shield’ will be awarded to the young individual who has shown the most commitment and dedication to breed development. Further details will follow.

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