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Welcome to the official website of the

Oxford Down Sheep Breeders' Association

About the Oxford Down

The Oxford Down is the largest and heaviest of the famous British Down breeds and was developed during the 1800s mainly in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. Today it is a specialist terminal sire breed used in the UK to produce lambs for meat production when crossed with commercial crossbred ewes.

ODSBA Mission Statement:

“To define, register, promote and improve the Oxford Down Sheep breed, ensuring maintenance of purity and sustainability of the breed in the UK and abroad.”

The Association was established in 1889 and its primary goals are:

  • To maintain the purity and type of the Oxford Down breed

  • To improve the quality of Oxford Down sheep

  • To improve the performance of the Oxford Down breed and Oxford cross lambs

  • To increase the registered population of Oxford Down sheep

  • To increase the commercial demand for Oxford Down sheep

Members of the Association maintain flocks of registered pedigree Oxford Down sheep. These can be found throughout the British Isles from Cornwall to Caithness and from Norfolk to Co Roscommon. The breed has classes at a number of agricultural shows and there are several annual auction sales where Oxford Down rams and ewes can be purchased.

We hope you enjoy our website and find the information and photos presented of interest.

Oxford Down Shearling rams
Oxford Down Shearling rams 
Oxford Down ewes
Oxford Down ewes 



  • Outstanding growth rates

  • Hardy, vigorous lambs

  • Large, lean carcases

  • Easy finishing off grass

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